Step One: Connect Your Amazon Seller Marketplace

By Michael Schwartz

Updated 4 days ago

A. Obtain Your Amazon Seller Credentials

After registering for taxomate, you will first need to connect your Amazon Seller Account.

You will need to authorize the taxomate app in Amazon by going to Amazon Seller Central > Settings > User Permissions > Authorize a Developer 

Entering the developer name and developer ID for your respective country below.

Region/CountryDeveloper NameDeveloper ID
North America (US, CA, MX) taxomate564205257303
Europe (DE, ES IT, UK, FR) taxomate693254898639

After entering the information, confirm you understand the permissions you are giving taxomate.   

After confirming and selecting next, Amazon will give you your account identifiers. Please keep the MWS Auth Token and Seller ID handy, you will next them in the next part.  

B. Entering Credentials in taxomate

Head back to taxomate. On the left menu bar select Settings and then Connections. After clicking selecting Connect Marketplace please choose the marketplace country you would like to connect.

Scroll down to Step 4 and enter the Seller ID and MWS Auth Token you received from Amazon. Select Add Marketplace

Congratulations, you have connected the Amazon Seller Marketplace to taxomate. taxomate will now start importing your statements automatically. 

PLEASE NOTE: If it does not start automatically, you can go to "Settlements" and select "Request Download". See the screenshot below.

As always, If you have any questions or issues, feel free to reach out through our chat.

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