Why am I receiving a mapping error?

By Michael Schwartz

Updated 4 days ago

If you are receiving an error when trying to send your settlement to QuickBooks or Xero, you likely incorrectly mapped your accounts and/or taxes. Please check to see if you correctly selected a proper corresponding account and tax option for each Amazon transaction.

When this happens, we usually recommend selecting the "Use Recommended Mappings" to get started and then customize the mappings later as needed. 

Remember, you can always group multiple Amazon transaction types to a single QuickBooks or Xero Account.

Please note: Tax requirements vary between different regions. If you have tax questions, you may want to consult your tax advisor.

Since Xero versions for Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom support filing of tax returns, it is important that default tax rates are used to record taxes on sales, bills and other transactions in Xero. Any tax custom mappings created for these countries will not work in these regions for the purposes of sales tax reporting/filing.

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