Please Note: Due to Amazon API throttling settlements can sometimes take between 24-48 hours before they are imported into taxomate.

Step 1: Request Report from Amazon Seller Central

First, check in your Amazon Seller Central under Reports > Payments > All Statements to confirm if settlement files are available for direct download.

If the settlements are showing a Request button in Amazon, please click request on each settlement that you want to be imported into taxomate.

Please note: Due to Amazon's API limitations, importing may take some time. If you are on Settlement Version V2 (see below) and no settlements have been imported after a few hours into taxomate please contact support. 

Step 2. Settlement File Version Issue

Currently, taxomate only works with Settlement Version 2. In the next few weeks we will be releasing an integration with Settlement Version 1. To check if Settlement V2 is available head back over to Reports > Payments > All Statements. For each settlement period in the action column you should see Download Flat File V2.

If Download Flat File V2 is missing then please send an message to Amazon Seller that states: "Please enable the new flat file V2 format settlement reports for my Amazon Seller account".  Please request Amazon Seller support convert your settlements to the newer Settlement Version 2 (Flat V2) format.

You may need to raise the case several times or escalate to ensure a qualified support rep from Amazon. 

Please note: Due to Amazon's API limitations, importing may take some time (up to 24 hours after it becomes available in the V2 format).

Step 3. Manual Uploads
If you are pressured for time or can't get your settlements converted to the V2 format you can always upload them through out interface.

Once you have download the settlement from Amazon Seller Central, head back over to taxomate and the Settlements page. Select the Upload Settlements button at the bottom of the page and upload each of your settlements.

Still have an issue? We can always contact us for further assistance. 

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