Settlements are imported to Xero as Sales Invoices which can be matched up against your bank deposits from Amazon.

Step 1. First, make sure you have selected the proper bank account under each marketplace in Connections in taxomate.

Step 2. On the top toolbar in Xero select Business and then Invoices.

Step 3. You should come across your Invoice in Awaiting Approval (please contact us if you do not)

Step 4. We recommend checking the Invoice to make sure it looks correct. Once you confirm that everything looks correct, you can check the Invoice to import and then select Accept.

Step 5. Head over to your bank account feed by selecting Accounting and then Banking on the top toolbar. Scroll down and select the correct bank account with your Amazon deposit.

Step 6. Scroll down and select Reconcile. Find the Amazon bank deposit that matches your Sales Invoices and select Match on the right side.

Step 7. Find and select correspond Sales Invoices. You may need to search by name (e.g.,

Step 8. As shown below, we select both of the corresponding invoices, which turns the amount green. Scroll to the bottom and select Reconcile to mark the invoices as paid and reconciling with your bank deposit.

PLEASE NOTE: As shown in the example above, if a settlement period is between two months then you can have taxomate automatically split the settlement into two invoices (one for each month).

Bank Account Currency Does Not Match Invoice

If you have a bank account in Xero, in a currency that does not match your Amazon invoices, then please ensure that you've unchecked the Show Currency Items Only option in the Find & Match reconcile screen.

Please note: If you tried the above and your sales invoice is not automatically matched, please create a bank rule. If this doesn't work or an incorrect match is made, try searching for or creating a transaction.

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