taxomate allows you to set up accounting and tax mapping so your settlements can be properly exported to QuickBooks/Xero/Wave.

OPTION A. Using Recommended Mappings

In order to use the recommended mappings simple select Save for each marketplace in Quick Setup. taxomate will automatically creates these accounts in your accounting system.

If you made changes to the mappings but you want to use the recommended mappings again you can go to Mappings. Scroll down to the bottom and select Use Recommended Mappings.

OPTION B. Using Custom Mappings

In Quick Setup, you also have the option of selecting your own accounts from QuickBooks/Xero/Wave for each transaction category.

If you need to make any changes to these accounts after completing Quick Setup, you can always go to the Mappings page and select Update Mappings at the bottom right of the page.

Account and tax mappings may differ per country/region, so you may receive an error if your accounts and taxes are not set up correctly in QuickBooks/Xero/Wave.

OPTION C. Using Custom Advanced Mappings

To use advanced mappings, including Sales Tax Codes please scroll to the bottom of the Mappings page and select Enable Tax Code Mapping. The Account or Sales Tax Code must first be generated in QuickBooks/Wave/Xero before it can be selected in taxoamte.

Select the Account and Tax Rate for each transaction type and select Update Mappings to save your settings.

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