Note: This feature is in beta testing and will be an additional cost once it is out of testing. QuickBooks Online Plus or Advanced plans are required. Please let us know if you have any issues.

Enabling this feature will allow you to sync Amazon inventory with QuickBooks. Any sale will reduce the inventory level for the product in QuickBooks. Any refund will increase the inventory level for the product in QuickBooks.

Note: Invoices must be selected in Settings > Invoices for this feature to work. Journal entries will not work with inventory sync.

STEP 1. Select Sync Inventory Sales in Settings > Inventory. Once you select this you will see an SKU Mappings in your settings.

STEP 2. Select whether you would like taxomate to create all Amazon products in QuickBooks automatically. You can also create each one manually

STEP 3. Select whether you would like taxomate to automatically adjust the inventory quantity in QuickBooks once a day to reflect the quantity for each product in Amazon.

STEP 4. (OPTIONAL) Go to the SKU Mappings tab. If you would like to match up each Amazon SKU to your QuickBooks product, you can now do so. You can also add costs for each product in taxomate (or in QuickBooks).

Note: If no QBO product is matched to an Amazon SKU, taxomate will default to Sales or Refund account in Accounts & Taxes page.

Note: You may see up to four invoices/credit memos per settlement period when this is enabled.

Once you inventory mappings are set, you can now send over invoices that will reflect the changes in inventory levels.

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