Quick Setup: Getting started with taxomate
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SECTION 1: Connect Amazon

1. Click "Connect Amazon Seller Central Account"

2. Select the Amazon marketplace you would like to connect to taxomate.

Note: You can select multiple marketplaces in each region at the same time. For example, in the Europe region, you can select amazon.co.uk, amazon.de, amazon.fr, and amazon.it at the same time.

3. Select "Connect to Amazon"

4. A popup screen will display for you to log into Amazon Seller Central

⚠️ ⚠️ If you do not see a popup to login, please make sure that popups are not blocked by your browser. Sometimes you may need to try a different web browser.

5. Authorize taxomate as an new developer.
Click "Next"

SECTION 2: Connect QuickBooks/Xero/Wave

6. Connect your accounting software by selecting the Connect to QuickBooks or Connect to Xero or Wave button.

7. You will then see a popup to login into QuickBooks/Wave/Xero.

8. Connect your accounting software to taxomate.

SECTION 3. Select Account & Taxes

9. taxomate allows you to set up account and tax mapping so your settlements can be properly exported to your accounting software.

You can either select your own accounts for each transaction category or leave the default accounts for us to create in your accounting software. This can be updated later.

10. Scroll down and select “Save Mappings” and then "Next"

QuickBooks Only Settings

11. QUICKBOOKS ONLY: Sometimes you may owe Amazon (fees are greater than sale income). Select the credit card/bank account where you would pay Amazon (usually credit card). **

12. QUICKBOOKS ONLY: For each marketplace you will want to first select the bank account where you receive your payments from Amazon.

👉 Each invoice customer should have currency of the respective marketplace (e.g., GBP for Amazon.co.uk, USD for Amazon.com, EUR for Amazon.fr, etc.)

SECTION 5. Mark as Complete

13. Once you are finished with your payment settings select “Mark As Complete” in the bottom right corner.

14. Select “Mark as Completed” when you are finished. You will be taken to the taxomate dashboard.

👉 Once you complete Quick Setup, it may take a few hours to import. Please make sure your settlements are requested by going to Reports > Payments > All Statements in Amazon Seller Central.

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