When you turn on our VAT Jurisdictional Tracking feature, we include details from Amazon's VAT Transactions Report (imported monthly), which allows you to map accounts and vat codes based on jurisdiction and VAT details from the report. Here is some of the additional information you may see beyond your usual transaction types:

Location Details

  • Jurisdiction: We add the country registrations you added in Settings > VAT Jurisdictional Tracking and include in the specific transaction type if Amazon calculates this country as the taxable jurisdiction.

  • Shipped to: When Amazon is not able to calculate a taxable jurisdiction for the order (e.g., not registered for VAT calculation service for the country) we add Shipped to XYZ country in the transaction type instead of the taxable jurisdiction. This country is the destination country in the Amazon transactions report.

  • Exported Outside UK: Shipment has been exported outside UK. These are generally Zero-rated.

  • Exported Outside EU: Shipment has been exported outside EU. These are generally Zero-rated.

Transaction Details

  • No VAT: No VAT applied by Amazon on Sale. For example, the transaction may be zero rated.

  • B2B: Sale was made to a VAT registered business buyer. These are generally Zero-rated.

  • Amazon Responsible: Amazon is responsible for remitting all VAT to the proper tax agency. These are generally Zero-rated.

  • Seller Responsible: Seller is responsible for remitting all VAT to the proper tax agency.

VAT Transaction Type Examples

Amazon.co.uk Order ItemPrice Principal | GB | Seller Responsible

In this example, Amazon calculated the jurisdiction to be GB (United Kingdom) and the seller (not Amazon) is responsible for remitting the VAT to the proper tax authorities.

Amazon.fr A-to-z Refund ItemPrice Principal | Export Outside EU

In this example, the original shipment or this refund was exported outside of EU.

Amazon.co.uk Order ItemPrice Principal | Shipped to IT | No VAT

If you are not registered for Amazon VAT Calculation Service (VCS) or if Amazon was not able to calculate the taxable jurisdiction for any reason, we will use the destination country. In this example, the order destination was Italy and there was no VAT calculated on the order.

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