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How to use Xero Tracking for Amazon Transaction Types
How to use Xero Tracking for Amazon Transaction Types

Track MFN and FBA sales, fees, etc. separately with Transaction Types

Updated over a week ago

taxomate integrates with Xero's Tracking Categories so you can track by Amazon transaction type.

⚠️ Xero tracking for Amazon transaction types will only work when Group Sales By: Orders (list all orders) is selected in Settings > Invoice. It will not work when grouped by SKU or Amazon transaction types.

STEP 1: Setup Classes or Tracking Categories
For Xero, you have to set up tracking categories. Click here for directions.

STEP 2. Map to Classes or Tracking Categories
In taxomate head over to Accounts & Taxes. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Enable Xero Tracking Categories.

You will now have the ability to differentiate between MFN Class and FBA Class. Select a Xero Tracking Category for each transaction type you would like to track.

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