Does taxomate work with Amazon V1 and V2 formats?

What are V1 and V2 Amazon settlements?

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taxomate uses Amazon's settlement reports to import the necessary financial information.

Amazon has two different types of settlements. The older Flat File (V1) Format and the newer V2 Flat File Format. Settlements with the V2 format contain more detailed information.

taxomate automatically imports settlements with the V2 format. For those settlements in V1 format, you can manually upload by scrolling to the bottom of the Settlements page.

While Amazon automatically enabled the V2 format in many seller accounts, some accounts still do not have this feature by default.

How do I know if V2 format is enabled?

To check if Settlement V2 is available head back over to Reports > Payments > All Statements. For each settlement period in the action column, you should see Download Flat File V2.

How do I switch to V2 format?

If Download Flat File V2 is missing please request Amazon Seller support convert your settlements to the newer V2 format. You can send a message to Amazon Seller Support that states: "Please enable the new flat file V2 format settlement reports for my Amazon Seller account".

You may need to raise the case several times or escalate to ensure a qualified support rep from Amazon.

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