1. In taxomate first click “Settings” on the left navigation menu.

2. In Settings select “VAT Jurisdictional Tracking” on the top toolbar.

3. Then “Enable VAT Jurisdictional Tracking” and select all VAT countries registrations you added in your Amazon Seller Account.

👉 It is important for you to select registrations that match the registrations you have entered for your Amazon’s VAT Calculation Service.

4. Click “Save” when you have select all jurisdictions.

5. Go to “Mappings” and then select “Enable Tax Code Mapping”

👉 All VAT has been merged back into their sales/refund/promotions/gift wrap/shipping income order transaction types to make it easy to use your accounting software’s tax codes.

6. If you select the dropdown for Sales you will see the groups for each of the jurisdictions you have registered and an export jurisdiction where the order was shipped outside the UK/EU. Select the dropdown to see the transaction types for each jurisdiction.

7. Based on Amazon’s VAT Transaction Report we group various transactions based on whether the VAT is Amazon or the seller’s responsible, whether there is No VAT calculated, and whether the order was a B2B sale.

👉 Since taxomate imports the VAT Transaction Report, you will may not see any transaction types under each jurisdiction for a few hours after you enabled VAT Jurisdictional Tracking.

👉 We filter the transaction types for each jurisdiction based on the data present in your VAT Transaction Report. For example, if you don’t have any B2B orders in the United Kingdom we won’t show the transaction type "Amazon .co.uk Order ItemPrice Principle GB B2B No VAT"

8. Export transaction type will change based on whether the order was exported out of the UK or EU.

9. Your registered jurisdictions will also show under Refunds (and also Shipping Income, Gift Wraps, and Promotions). You can select the proper sales tax code for each jurisdiction or transaction type.

10. When you are finished making any changes scroll to the bottom and select “Update Mappings”.

👉 Remember to reprocess (and resend) all settlements you would like these changes to apply to. These changes will apply automatically to settlements imported into taxomate in the future.

11. Click here see an example VAT sales code mapping for Amazon UK. If you have any question about which VAT code to apply we recommend speaking with your accountant.

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