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Does taxomate import Amazon Loans?
Does taxomate import Amazon Loans?
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If you have signed up for the Amazon Lending program, settlements in taxomate will usually show the receipt of funds and any payment made towards the loan balance.
​Principal and Interest
Principal and interest are combined into one amount in your Amazon settlements. The amount of interest will need to be split from the total Amazon Lending payment amount.
You can do this by creating a journal entry or sales invoice each month that reduces the loan amount by the interest amount shown in Amazon's monthly loan statement.

  1. Create a separate Amazon Interest expense account.

  2. Create a journal entry once a month or so for all of your paid interest for that month

  3. Credit the Amazon Lending account and debit the Amazon Interest account.

​Manual Payments
If you have made any payments (not from your Amazon balance) to pay off the remaining balance on an Amazon loan, these will not be reflected in the settlement imported. You will have to create a journal entry or sales invoice that debits the Amazon Lending account for the amount of the payment.

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